Human Resources

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Human Resources Policy

Selin Yapı adopted the principle of applying the contemporary human resources practices with its customer oriented approach in line with the development in the world in order to enable human resources that are its most valuable assets to work with the highest effectiveness, efficiency and motivation in line with the values of Selçuk Holding.

The goal of Selin Yapı is to become the preferred company of qualified employees by providing the best environment for its people.

Recruiting the right individual for the right role in line with the corporate values, vision and strategies, improving the motivation and loyalty of our people, ensuring continuity in the organization, establishing policies and procedures to enable our people to perform in a secure environment with quality-improving processes and systems, and constantly improving individual and organizational performances are among our main and essential goals.

HR Principles

Establishing a management mentality that is based on the idea of respecting people and following ethical values.

Preparing a human resources plan in line with company policies and strategies.

Bringing the right candidates to the company by establishing an effective measurement/assessment system.

Creating a participating and learning organization that will adapt to the changing world conditions and business systems.

Protecting the personal rights of all employees.


HR Practices


With the awareness that "Human Resources" are the most important values behind our organization's ability to create a difference, "Recruitment" is accepted as the most important practice among our HR practices. Our biggest goal is to place the right person in the right position. Even though the criteria may vary depending on the position, our expectation for each position is a candidate who has the main competencies required in line with Selin Yapı values. Within this framework, candidates are subjected to personality inventory, general ability and English proficiency tests. And the next process for the candidates who are deemed successful in the competence-based interviews conducted by the Human Resources Department and the managers of the respective department is job offer and employment procedures.

Career Management

Career Management is a continuous process that we develop our people to reach our long term strategies and goals. In line with this goal, internal resources always have priority in promotions.

And while selecting best internal candidate for the vacant positions, fair and consistent Assessment Center practices are followed to ensure the assignment of the candidates fulfilling all the required positions.

Training / Development

The most important resources behind the success of a company and the achievement of goals are "people". Thus training is a future-oriented investment for the companies. Besides scalable, observable on-the-job trainings to meet  the professional needs, personal development trainings not just to improve our people's performance in their respective positions but also to prepare them for future positions on their career paths.

Performance Management

Our goal- and result-oriented company aims to achieve a common goal by sharing its ultimate target with its people. While we expect our employees to comprehend corporate vision and mission completely with our competence- and goal-oriented performance management practice, we, as Human Resources Department, try to find out the improvement areas for our people and believe to have an idea how they can be supported with training and development systems.

Job applications

You can send your resume as an attached file.